Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blackberry Blogging

OK, so I've had my Blackberry for a few months now, and my enjoyment of it grows as I learn more about it and all it can do. I've been a dedicated Treo user for several years, and the switch to the Blackberry scared me, but I decided to jump. I've had NO regrets! It makes it so easy to be a mobile technophile, that I'm branching out and trying new things. As you know, this blog is fairly new for me, and I had been wanting to try mobile blogging for a while. And, Wow! If someone had told me even 10 years ago that I'd be holding this cool, palm-sized device in my hand that not only is a great phone and electronic multi-tool, but also let's me post pics and text directly to my blog (which I wouldn't have any idea what a "blog" was), I would have certainly called them crazy! But here I am doing just that! I think I'm in love! I'm very aware of the possibility of becoming addicted to the "Crackberry," and am taking steps to avoid it. ;)

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